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Updated: 5/11/2008
Biggest Whore Showdown

Ruby Knox and Cyle Cuvee compete for the biggest whore by showing off who can take OG's big cock the deepest in their little whore cunts!!! Ruby and Cyle definitely put on a great show when they deep throat that huge cock and go wild when they shove it in their tight wet pussies!! Find out who wins the title for biggest whore!

Updated: 5/04/2008
Sweet Teen Battle

Blondes or brunettes? The lifelong question that some guys don't care about as long as they got a tight pussy and a hot ass... In this weeks Cock Competition, we got 'em both and we're determined to find out who can take that huge 14" cock deeper!!! Find out who cums out on top!

Updated: 4/27/2008
True Teammates.

Normally the girls come in at each other throats, ready to compete, but these girls were pretty into each other, hey, it happens. So we spun the wheel, these girls had to get fucked. They took that cock in all sorts of positions, Sophie took almost 10 inches of OG's huge Alabama black snake in her ass, it was pretty crazy. At the end, he showered them with one of his monster cumshots!

Updated: 4/20/2008
Loser gets an Anal Cream Pie.

This competition gets hot when the stakes are high and the whores are horny and ready to fuck huge black cock!!! Amber and Jackie are two of the hottest girls to compete over OG's large cock! They have it all, tits, ass, cute smiles and a fucking gorgeous wet pussy just aching for a huge load! The consequence for this competition is a good old fashioned anal creampie!! Shit goes nuts when OG pulls out and blasts a hot facial!!!

Updated: 4/14/2008
Please fuck me deeper.

Ok guys, we have 2 true dirty whores in for this episode. Kelly Wells, the girl who will do ANYTHING - and Jen Dark, an callous Eastern European chick who fucks like its her job (and it is). Can you think of 2 better girls to test the limits with, lets just say these girls took it deep - like 10 inches plus deep. OG gutted them out from the front and the back,

Updated: 4/07/2008
Older vs Younger.

For this episode of Cock Competition, we have Meg, an older chick with some nice fake titties, and Sindee, a young whore whose a bit tinier. This begs the age old question, do younger or older chicks have deeper holes? Watch the episode, and this question you've always wanted to know will be answered honestly and accurately :) Plus its funny and crazy sexual.

Updated: 4/01/2008
Anal Creampie to Facial.

We brought in some young chicks, right in the 18 & 19 year old range, new to adult, and already willling to test their holes with OG Mudbone's 14 inch monster. OG fucked them all pretty good, and really tried shoving his dick down their throats, as much as they could take obviously. To end it of, like a champ, he creampies one chick, pulls out halfway, and facializes the other!

Updated: 3/30/2008
Afraid of Cum :)

We got win that Rachel & Sam hate cum in the business, so of course we had to bring them in to compete :) First, one almost walked off set when they saw how big OG's dick was. Second, when the cumshot came, these girls were in total shock and awe - I mean, look at their fucking faces. This truly is the most fucked up game show on the internet - only for your viewing pleasure!

Updated: 3/23/2008
Big Asses get Big Facials.

We called these chicks in to compete, because they both have really nice asses. Rikki's ass is a little fat, and shakes like crazy - Sarah's ass is very slim and tone, so we were curious, who can take more of these ass chick, the big or the slim? In the end, does it really matter, OG plunged both these bitches like it was the last pussy on earth he's every going to see!

Updated: 3/16/2008
Dumber vs Dumberer

For those of you who like girls who are airheads, you are going to love these two - at least Abby can cry she's young, but the older one - wow. See them take OG's monster size dick in all sorts of awesome positions - they get drilled hard. At the end, they have a very special message for their moms. Hilarious, and sexy, join to see it all.

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