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Updated: 01/04/2009
Exotic Creampie Facial Whores!

Jessica and Satine are two smoking hot EXOTIC whores who love slurping and sucking on a big black cock! When we approached them to play cock competition they were surprised to find out how deep they would take a 14" massive cock! Watching these two busty sluts go head to head and finally get the biggest load of their lives is amazing! Don't miss this creampie and facial whammy of a winner cumshot!!

Updated: 12/21/2008
Neighborhood Anal Games!!

Ashli and Kaci are up to no good just hanging out in their neighborhood when O.G. and Todd Todd drive up and make these little horny sluts day by playing a game of Cock Competition! These arrogant whores think they can handle a big dick but when they get a sight of that huge 14" cock they get second thoughts. Who can take it up the ASS the deepest in this one!?

Updated: 12/06/2008
BUSTY First Time Competitors!!

We found 2 of the hottest fucking whores out there! These bitches have the tightest pussies, biggest tits and roundest asses we cum across! When they get a hold of a black 14" cock they go fucking wild to compete for the biggest whore! This scene is fucking hot especially when it comes down to a creampie to facial cumshot! Who takes what and how far do they REALLY go!?

Updated: 11/23/2008
Street Whores Beg For More !!

Tatiana and Naomi were walking in the neighborhood when they came up and were down to compete for the biggest whore! Both have incredible bodies with round asses and delicious perky tits aching for big black cock. The winner of course gets a massive facial and for the loser they get humiliated and fucked even harder!

Updated: 11/09/2008
Battle Of The Busty Blondes!!

These fucking blonde horny bitches are crazy! We love them here at cock competition especially when they have such amazing breasts and GREAT asses!!! Melanie and Brittany are two dumb blonde sluts that compete for the big black 14" cock. Winner of the game gets a face full of black cock white gold!

Updated: 10/26/2008
Cum Hungry Cock Suckers!

Carmella and Reena are two best friends walking down the street when they are approached by Todd Todd and O.G. Mudbone. Of course they can tell these hot fine bitches are only after 2 things in life, thrills and cock! Perfect candidates for Cock Competition!! But which one of these fucking delicious sluts wants it more and how far will they go to win!? You gotta watch just how much they can take before screaming in pain and pleasure...

Updated: 10/12/2008
Latina Blowjob Battle!

Katya and Sisi are catty latinas who need to have the cock in their mouth everyday!! When we saw them walking their incredible latina asses down the street, we knew they would get in our ride and were down to play some cock competition! We were surprised to find out just how much these whores can take a 14" cock!! Both handled the cock like an extra large burrito and devoured it!! Viva cock competition!!!

Updated: 9/28/2008
Down Right Dirty Competition!

Renae and Adrianna are two of the hottest, dirtiest little whores out there. When they were given a chance to claim their infamy as the biggest whore they took it, all 14 inches of cock! Adrianna LOVES anal and deepthroating so she has an advantage there, but Renae is one saucy busty Latina who can handle ANY cock like a champ!! What they didn't expect was the massive anal to facial cum blast victory!!!!

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