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Updated: 05/10/2009
Busty Blonde Whore-Off!!

O.G. and Todd Todd are on the prowl for the hugest, horniest, dirtiest and Most fucking hottest whores out there! When they met up with Shawna and Katie they were all for a busty blonde whore-off! It was a close competition with a huge pay off, all over their faces!

Updated: 04/19/2009
Lunch Break Creampies!!

Hot sluts Vanessa and Angel were picked up by OG Mudbone. These two working girls on the street decided to play Cock Competition! These two dumb whores can't even answer simple question correctly. But, they can sure as hell fuck BIG BLACK COCK!

Updated: 03/29/2009
Web Sluts Cock Suck!

Straight from an online ad, Jessica and Crystal are ready to play Cock Competition! Lucky for us they are smoking hot and ready to fuck! Cute as hell and horny as ever, these two sluts are amazed to take on a 14" black cock for thrills and surprises! Shit goes wild when one of them gets a HUGE surprise!

Updated: 03/15/2009
International Blonde Whores!

Russian and suburban blonde whores collide! Gorgeous Russian exotic whore vs. all American blonde beauty slut at each others clits! Who is the bigger whore when it comes down to slurping and fucking 14 inches of black cock!? You won't believe the out-cum from this one!

Updated: 03/01/2009
Cum Hungry Sluts!

Cum hungry busty whores can sometimes be alot of fun. Especially when O.G. and Todd Todd get a hold of these dumb bitches. Eager cock hungry Gaya and sweet horny young Christina get excited when they get to fuck a huge black 14" cock and ultimatly win a massive load of white gold!!!

Updated: 02/15/2009
Rainy Day Creampie

Cecilia and Skyla are competing for an ultimate creampie and facial! These smoking hot girls are ready to take on the challenge of who can take the 14" black cock the deepest!! No matter what the outcome may be these whores are amazing when it comes to sucking and fucking O.G.'s massive cock! For a rainy day these sluts are always soaking wet!!!

Updated: 02/01/2009
Anal Creampie Competition!

Gorgeous exotic Loona and adorable busty Charlotte love huge black cock when it's deep inside them! When they get the pleasure playing cock competition these sweet sluts turn into cock hungry whores! After spinning the wheel, you won't believe how far these amazing sluts take O.G.'s 14" cock in their ass! To top it off the winner gets an anal creampie!! This game is INTENSE!!!

Updated: 01/18/2009
Blonde Busty Competition!

Blonde bitches are the freakiest bitches and thats the kind of horny irresponsible slutty shit we like here on cock competition! Natalie and Aiden are two of the horniest sluts and have been around, but when they get a load of O.G.'s 14" cock they go fucking crazy over it! Winner of this competition gets a facial and suck the cum out of the other bitches creampie pussy!

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